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Rental Policies


(art. 1571 e ss. del Codice Civile)

The rental policies are under the following clauses:


The duration of the rental is by customers request. It has to be not less than 1 day.

The rental days are consecutive and not working days. The bank holidays and closing days are not included on the rental estimate. 

The duration of the rent includes the pick up and return days.


The rental fees – which is calculatad on a percentage of the sale price of the rented good – is a flat rate for the entire period requested (not daily) and it's IVA exclude (where IVA is applicable), as the following duration:

Tariffa base: from 1 to 3 days

Tariffa standard: from 4 to 7 days

Tariffa plus: from 8 to 15 days

Tariffa super: from 16 to 30 days

Tariffa extra: from 31 to 60 days

The minimum rental fee is € 120,00 + IVA (where IVA is applicable).

For more than 60 days, the rental fee is as equal as the sell price (“commercial value”).


The rental estimate has a duration of 15 days.

The “confirmation of the rental estimate” means to subscribe the rental policies and make the payment. 

Please send a signed rental estimate via email to as approval.

The rent is considered cancel without the signed rental estimate.


The payment has to be before/ at the moment of the picking up of the rented goods, through:

CHECK to Crazy Art s.a.s. 


CREDIT CARD only in the shop (NO American Express).

MONEY TRANSFER sending a copy before the pick up via e-mail

Crazy Art di Colombo Bianca e C. sas does NOT entrust the rented goods without payment. 

The invoice will be send after the payment.


For the objects that cost more than € 2.500,00 and/or for fragile items is requested a deposit check.

In the case the rented goods would be lost or it couldn't be restore for the suffered damage during the rental, the customer accept to pay:

the entire sale price of the rented good. The good remains as a property of the customer.

- in the case of low damage, the restoration of the good, after an estimate of it.

In every case the customer is responsible for the transportation, packaging, caring and insurance of the rented good, from the moment it leaves Crazy Art's showroom till the inspection at the moment of the retun, and the customer respond for every damage and/or loss as said in the previous point. 

Crazy Art is relived from any responsibility and/or damage to things and/or persons that come from a misuse of the rented goods, that it has to be treated with careful and attention. 

Crazy Art takes photos of the goods before packaging.

The client does not, for any reason, apply any stickers or similar and/or modify and/or clean with any products the rented good.


In the case of extension or delay of the rental, as the commission of orde reports, and except for mutually agreed communications, an extra fee will be charge as 20% of the sell price) for every day of delay + iva (where IVA is applicable) as well as if the rented goods were booked by another customer, it will be charge the loss of earning.

It's mandatory to pay the invoice for the extensions/delay by and no later than 30 days of the issue date. In the case of a delayed payment, Crazy Art will aplly the corrent Italian norms.

In every case the cusomer has to communicate as soon as possible any delay or extension different from the confirm of rental.


It is possible to buy the rental good. 

The intention of buying has to be told within the end of the rental. 

The rental fee is not discounted from the sale price.


The rental good is given packed, if it's neccessary, and it shall return in the same condition of packing. Crazy Art doesn't provide the transportation/ delivery. 


The address and opening hours, except for mutually agreed communications, are:

CRAZY ART di Colombo Bianca e C. s.a.s.

Via Merano 18 – second yard – 20127 Milano (Viale Monza's area, MM1 Rovereto).

From Monday to Saturday: from 10:15 to 12:30 a.m. and from 2:30 to 7:00 p.m.

e-mail address

Phone number+ 39.0287392122


Instagram: @crazyartmilano

For a better choise and to verify the conditions, the dimensions and the colors (that cand be different from screen to screen) of the items please come to visit our showroom, and, in any case, for the choises of books and small objects, for which we don't provide any photos.

NB: The “confirmation of the rental estimate” means to subscribe this rental policies and make the payment of the invoice.

Last updated 4th Jenuary 2021.