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Rental Policy


(art. 1571 e ss. del Codice Civile)

Crazy Art di Giancarlo Ramponi from 1971, become in 2012 Crazy Art di Colombo Bianca e C. sas, is specialized in rental of antiques goods and furniture for adv, windows shop displys, shooting for fashion, events etc.


The rental policies are under the following clauses:


-The duration of the rental is by customers request. It has to be non less than 1 day.


- The rental fee – which is calculatad on a percentage of the sale price of the rented good – is a flat rate for the entire period requested and it's IVA exclude. (where IVA is applicable)

- The minimum rental fee is € 100,00 + IVA.


- The payment has to be before/ at the moment of the picking up of the rented goods, if the customer pays with cash (under € 999,99), check, credit or deposit card. If the customer pays with bank transfer, it's mandatory to send via email the payment transfer before the picking up. Crazy Art di Colombo Bianca e C. sas does NOT entrust the rented goods without payment.


- For every rental the customer has to fill in this letter of guarrantee, wherein the customer accepts every responsability for any kind of damages or for the lack of return of the rented goods.

- In the case the rented goods would be lost or it couldn't be restore for the suffered damage during the rental, the customer accept to pay:

- the entire sale price of the rented good, possibly (at Crazy Art's complete discretion) reduced by the rental fee already payed. The good remains as a property of the customer.

- in the case of low damage, the restoration of the good, after an estimate of it.

- In every case the customer is responsible for the transportation, packaging and caring of the rended good, from the moment it leaves Crazy Art's showroom till the inspection at the moment of the retun, and the customer respond for every damage or loss as said in the previous point.


- In the case of extension or delay of the rental, as the agreement taken on the confirm of the rental order, and except for mutually agreed communications, an extra fee will be charge:

- 30% of the total amount already payed from 1 to 3 days delays ;

- 50% of the total amount already payed from 3 up to 7 days dalays;

- 100% of the total amount already payed for more than 7 days delays. In thise case, if the rented goods were confirm by another customer, it will be charge the loss of earning as well.

- It's mandatory to pay the invoice for the extensions/delay by and no later than 30 days of the issue date. In the case of a delayed payment Crazy Art will aplly the law as D.Lgs. 192/2012: + BCE rate of interest plus 8 points of interest on arrears; + € 40,00 as reparation fee; + expenses for debt collection, exept for the debtor who can prove that the delayed payment was dued to a cause not due to the debtor itself nor due to extenuating circumstances.

- In every case the cusomer has to communicate as soon as possible any delay or extension different from the confirm of rental.


- It is possible to buy the rental good. At Crazy Art's complete discretion the sale price could be reduced with the rental fee already payed. If the rental period is more than 30 days, or if the intention of buying is told after 7 days from the rental start, no reduce will be apply.


- Crazy Art doesn't provide the transportation/ delivery


- Via Merano 18 – second yard – 20127 Milano (Viale Monza's area, MM1 Rovereto).

- From Monday to Friday: from 9,30 to 12,30 and from 14,30 to 18,00.

- e-mail address

- Phone number+ 39.02.87392122.

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