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Products tagged with 'telefono a disco'

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"The Dawn" Northern Telecom rotary telephones

"The Dawn" Northern Telecom pale yellow telephones, from 1970. Known also as the "Flying saucer phone" and the "Pancake phone". 2 Available

White Safnat telephones

White and black Safnat rotary dial telephones form 60s. 3 available: one with black number, one with white numbers, one with difects.

Black and white Bigrigio telephones Face Standard F63

Black and white rotary dial Bigrigio telephones Face Standard F63

Bigrigio telephones Siemens s62

Bigrigio rotary dial telephones Siemens s62 (Italtel e Siemens) made between 1962-1985 3 Aavailable. Designer: Lino Saltini

Dark red Bigrigio telephones Siemens s62

Dark red Bigrigio rotary dial telephones Siemens s62 and Face Standard F63. 1962-1985. 4 Available. Designer: Lino Saltini

GTE Starlite mint green telephones

GTE Starlite mint green rotary dial telephones fron 60s. 2 available: one with green wire, one with black wire

TN telenorba BP green telephones

TN telenorba BP sage green rotary dial telephones, Made in Germany, 1959. 3 Availables.

Black bakelite Face standard telephone exchange from 50s

Black bakelite and iron Face standard telephone exchange from 50s, with rotary dial, buttons and lights.

Roaring 20s telephone in iron and bakelite

Roaring 20s rotary dial telephone made in iron and bakelite in avory color.

Red Face Standard "Gondola" telephone

Red rotary dial Face Standard "Gondola" telephone. 1970. Designer: Donald Genaro

Face Standard telephone from 60s / 70s

Face Standard 6301 - 8 - 9272 EB rotary dial telephone from 60s / 70s, milky white.

Bakelite black telephone from 30s / 40s

Bakelite black rotary dial telephone from 30s / 40s, probably made by Fatme.

Bakelite and iron black telephone from 40s / 50s

Bakelite and iron black rotary dial telephone from 40s / 50s

Green Schrack telephone 1979

Sage green Schrack rotary dial telephone 1979

Siemens sage green telephone from 1950

Siemens sage green rotary dial telephone from 1950

Socotel telephone with headphone

Socotel rotary dial telephone with headphone