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Products tagged with 'garden furniture'

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Antique wooden sawhorses

Antichi cavalletti da lavoro in legno per segare la legna della fine del 1800. Non vendibili separatamente.

Pair of white painted iron planters

Pair of white painted iron cubic planters from 1980. They can be sell separate.

Pair of laquered planter

Pair of laquered planter in venetian style with lacks and flaws from the early XX century

two white iron chairs

Pair of chairs made in iron, painted in white. Thonet style

two white iron, wicker and wood chairs

Pair of garden chairs made in iron, with wooden seat and wicker back painted in white.

Two tanks Biedermeier planter made in various inlaid woods

Two tanks Biedermeier planter made in mahogany, briarwood and other inlaid woods, with floral, animal, castlel decoration and leonine feet. The central support is missing, so it's provisionally replaced with an acrilic support for photographic reason.

wrought iron planter with leaves

Portavasi in ferro battuto con reggivaso e piedi a forma di foglie della fine del 1800.

white iron wire planter

French planter from the Art Nuveau period, made in iron wire, painted in white.

Red and blue wooden planter

Fioriera in legno degli anni 40 ridipinta in epoca successiva in rosso e azzurro, con ripiano in plexiglass bianco e vaschetta in zinco dipinto.

Liberty carved wood planter

Liberty carved wood planter with knot decoration and zinc metal flowerbox. This is a piece of a lost coat hanger. It needs restoration.

big planter in forged iron with dragons motives

Big planter or brazier holder in forged iron with dragons motives from late of 1800.

antique wooden feeding trough

Three antique wooden feeding trough carved in trunk from early 1900. They can be sell separately. Plants: Bici e Radici For the antique sawhorses: see link under the chart

park bench n° 1

Park bench with wooden slat and metal structure. It's possible to paint it, with an extra fee.

small brass planter from 50s

Small brass planter from 50s with painted in green wired iron and zinc metal tray.

small wrought iron planter with drop rings from 80s

Small wrought iron floerpot or brazier holder with drop rings from 80s

small wrought iron planter with drop rings from 1950s

Small wrought iron planter with drop rings from 1950s

small wrough iron planter from 80s

small wrough iron planter from 80s.

small wrought iron planter from 50s

small wrought iron flowerpot or brazier holder from 50s

wicker hood beach chair

Wicker hood beach chair painted in white, with handles from 1920s

Wicker peacock armchair with black inserts

Wicker peacock armchair with black inserts from 1970s. It has some lack on the seatback and arms.

Bamboo chair with arms

Bamboo chair with arms from the 50s.

flowerpot holder in wrought iron with rings

Flowerpot or brazier holder in wrought, forged and hammered iron with drop rings from 1800.

flowerpot holder with snakes

flowerpot holder or brazier holder in wrought and forge iron with snakes and rings from XIX century.

Yellow flowerpot holder

Painted in yellow wrought and forged iron flowerpot holder or brazier holder from the end of XIX century.

Red flowerpot holder

Red wrought iron flowerpot holder from the early 1900. It can be used als as a brazier holder.

flowerpot holder with dragons

Flowerpot holder or brazier holder made in hammered and forged iron, with dragons decoration, from the XIX century

Four bamboo chair

Four bamboo chair from 1970

Golden wicker chair

Little german chair made in golden wicker from the early XX century. Ith has a lot of flaws and lacks.

Round bamboo coffee table

Round bamboo coffee table with two reed shelves from 1970

cast iron and marble bistrot table

Bistrot round table with painted in white cast iron structure and top made in white marble, 1940 ca. The marble has some yellow spots.

bistrot table in fake cast iron

Bistrot round table made in fake cast iron with lion's heads and wooden top painted in green.

Antique stone tank

Antique stone tank used as drinking trough from 1800.