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Mountain's furniture and decor

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Mountain - M.Muller

oil on canvas cm 122 x 94,5

panited blanket chest

Early XIXth century

three Black Forest chairs

Germany Late XIX century

capercaillie - Karl Deiker

oil on canvas - 1879 - Germany

big sled n° 13

Big sled for one horse, with coachman and two passengers seats made of leather, with a little door on the backside. The wood is painted in orange and green. On the frontside there's a net with floral trimming

painted closet

Early 1800 painted closet with geometrical and floral motifs with painted faux bois. It has a carved cimasa as a railing and the central part with a leaves and shell frezie. It has 2 big drawers at the bottom. See more details below the picture.

girl chair

carved wood

Elk by K.R. P.F.

oil on canvas cm 90,5 x 69,5

Roe deers in the forest by H. Leuschen Kop

oil on wood with frame cm 86,5 x 67 painting cm 72,5 x 53,5

Pair of Hunting scenes

oleography with frame cm 90 x 72,5

Ibex by R. Fugazza

with frame cm 85,5 x 65,5 painting cm 76,5 x 56,5

Centaur - H.S.

oil on copper - cm 97x81

Mountain landscape - Otto Pippel

oil on canvas cm 78 x 88

painted cupboard

painted wood

Alta Val Sesia by Dernini

with frame cm 133 x 114 only canvas cm 120 x 100 oil on canvas

chair with backseat pig

carved wood Availability: 3 pieces

red sled n° 1

painted wood in red and gold cm 110 x37 h 50

blue sled n° 2

painted wood in blue and silver cm 120 x 37 h 53

wooden sled with case n° 3

wood cm 110 x 42 h 50

sled with slats n° 4

wood cm 91 x 38 x h 29

metal sled n° 5

metal painted in brown cm 81 x 32 h 19

sled with slats n° 7

wood cm 83 x 35 x h 22

wood and metal sled n° 8

cm 80 x 36 x h 18

sled for milk delivery n° 9

wood cm 121/225 x 60 x h flat surface 43 with rod 98/136

Dog sled n° 12

CANADA - 1940 260x 80 h 75