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Crazy Art sells and rents Antiques, Modern, old and vintage Collecting and Oddity, Furniture and Home Decor

Rosella, Chiara and Giada Ramponi in  Crazy Art’s show-room  in Via Merano 18 - Milan -Italy

Rosella Ramponi

Hello, I am Bianca Colombo, better known as Rosella Ramponi. I’ve opened Crazy Art in 1971 with Giancarlo Ramponi, my husband and father of my two daughters, Chiara and Giada.

Mr. Ramponi and I had stared as windows dressers for jewelry stores and watchmaker’s shops, renting set up for shop window display, and during the years we overstocked huge quantity of antiquity goods, so we’ve decided to convert our business in an antiques and modern shop, well, a quite big one.

Today, with my two daughters and partners, we try out best in order to meet the needs of our much-sought and, why not, peculiar customers’ tastes. That’s one of the reasons why we are known as “Crazy Art - Antiquariato e Follie”. I know every single piece in our 800 show-room and, if this is not enought, I also remember the ones we’ve sold and the ones we’ve bought in more than 40 years of business.

In my spare time, I’m addicted to mystery and thriller books, I can’t cook, but fortunally my daughter are very good in it, I live with a lunatic she-cat and I go dancing with friends nealry every week. In spite of my daughters who call me “granny”.

Chiara Ramponi

Hi, I’m Chiara Ramponi, the eldest daughter of Giancarlo e Rosella and in Crazy Art I welcome all the customers. Since I was come back from a period of permanence abroad, after the high school of art, I’ve started to help my parents, first in a occasional way and then in a permanent way, till today.

Giada Ramponi

Hey there! I’m Giada Ramponi, as my mom likes to call me “her little baby”, even if I’m quite an adult right now, but you know, mom can do (and say) nearly everything, and, of course, only her!

I’ve studied at the Brera Fine Art Accademy in Milan and changed a lot of works in my youth, that I can’t remember how many: the most remarkable are shop assistant in a second hand store; box office employee and bookseller in prestigious milanese museums; cook’s assistant in a catering service; painter restorer for almost 15 year - I’ve startes when I was a teenager, as apprenticeship with an old restorer master - and floor and interior resins decorator. At the present time, I like to create brooches with vintage and found toys and, of course, I work with my family. In Crazy Art I enjoy very much to “flip” the furniture and setting up every time I can, I’m deeply involved in social networks and my brain produce bizzare ideas very often. My passion for art is immeausurabe, especially for contemporary art, and for handmade product and philosophy, which leads me to help as a active supporter the online Italian community of Handmade Italia.